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Reuben - HEAD COACH - Teaches Parkour & Freestyle Flips

Reuben is a dedicated parkour enthusiast with nine years of training experience under his belt. His unique background in figure skating, where he spent five years honing his skills, has significantly contributed to his exceptional form and grace in parkour. Reuben's talent extends beyond training; he has graced advertisements and performed in several halftime shows, showcasing his parkour prowess.

During his high school years, Reuben also excelled in track and field, particularly in long jump and high jump events at South Island competitions. His early childhood was marked by a rich history of sports involvement, laying the foundation for his passion for physical activity.

At the young age of 16, Reuben began his journey as a parkour coach, finding immense satisfaction in sharing his love for the sport with his students. Witnessing them develop the same passion he discovered nine years ago is a source of great joy and fulfillment for him.

Jared - Teaches Freestyle Flips 

As a seasoned gymnast turned passionate bboy, Jared brings a wealth of experience and an extraordinary skill set to our community. He proudly represented New Zealand on the international stage in 2004. His achievements include not one, but two world titles in the 3vs3 division – a momentous victory in 2010 in Las Vegas and another in 2014 in Sydney.

Jared's expertise extends beyond breaking. He is a master of freestyle flips and tricking, honing his skills since 2006. Furthermore, he has immersed himself in the art of parkour, cultivating his agility and adaptability since 2016. Jared's journey has also taken him to the grand stage of entertainment. He has been an integral part of the acclaimed "360 Allstars" show since 2013, showcasing his unparalleled talents to audiences across the globe. His performances have graced international stages, leaving an indelible mark on the world of movement entertainment.

At MoveX, Jared's passion for teaching is palpable. He guides aspiring individuals through Freestyle Flips, Tricking, and Breaking classes with an infectious enthusiasm. His wealth of experience and unique journey make him an invaluable asset to our community. Whether you're a newcomer or a seasoned enthusiast, Jared's classes offer an unparalleled opportunity to learn from a world-class talent.
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Yasmin - Freestyle Flips

Introducing our latest addition to the team, meet Yasmin, our enthusiastic and dedicated Freestyle Flips Coach. Yasmin brings a wealth of experience and a heart full of encouragement to our coaching staff.

Having been deeply engaged in competitive cheerleading for six years, Yasmin embarked on an incredible journey that began with her soaring as a flyer. Her dedication led her all the way to Las Vegas for an NCEA competition. As her journey continued, she transitioned to another gym, embracing the role of a strong and supportive base, showcasing her versatility and commitment.

Her journey eventually brought her to MoveX, where her love for the sport reignited. The opportunity to dive back into tumbling and explore exhilarating feats on trampolines and the air track sparked her passion anew. Yasmin’s devotion to movement, combined with her contagious energy, makes her a fantastic addition to our coaching team.


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