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Freestyle Flips​ - Cost: $150 Term or $20 casual

Not interested in competitive trampoline but want to learn to Flip, Twist and Trick like a pro? This class is for you. Freestyle Flips classes allow you to learn the basics of trampolining, through to Flips, twists and tricks. Students learn from experienced instructors who specialize in Trampoline, Gymnastics, Parkour, Tricking, Wall-Trampoline, and more. Our fun and open-style learning environment fosters individual progress while providing guidance towards achieving movement goals. With a focus on one-on-one coaching, peer/group work, and engaging class activities like obstacle courses and movement challenges, students develop both physical and interpersonal skills.
Join us at Freestyle Flips and discover the joy of movement while building confidence, strength, and agility. Scroll down to see what class is best for your child

​Beginner Freestyle Flips class

4-5pm Tuesdays and Thursdays

The Beginner Freestyle Flips class teaches the basic components of movement. Children will be able to develop fundamental movement principles such as balance and spatial awareness, through fun activities and games. Skills taught in this class include basic rolls, jumping, climbing and falling techniques, and basic somersaults. This class is aimed at children of ages 5-8.​​​

Intermediate Freestyle Flips Class

5-6pm Tuesdays and Thursdays

The Intermediate Freestyle Flips class teaches basic somersaults and movement techniques. This class is suitable for children who are working on basic flips (front flip, back flip, side flip), and is aimed for children of ages 8-12.​ ​​​

Advanced Freestyle Flips Class

6-7pm Tuesdays and Thursdays

The Advanced Freestyle Flips class teaches more complex somersaults and movement techniques. This class is suitable only for children who can competently do basic somersaults i.e. front flips, back flips, side flips and are wanting to work on more difficult tricks e.g. double flips, twisting somersaults. This class is aimed at children of ages 10+ who are wanting to take their abilities to the next level.

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